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Dice is met een community update gekomen. Dice vertelt dat er klachten waren over stats, punk buster en master server disconnects, wat we ook gemerkt hebben in onze forums.
Hieronder het bericht.

Quote: Dice
Greetings Battlefield Soldiers,

Over the course of last week some players have experienced issues with stats & awards, punk buster, and master server disconnects. We wanted to update everyone on the current status for each of these points as we move into the weekend.

Stats & Awards: Last weekend we made updates that resolved the issues causing some awards or stats to not be properly awarded to players. We will be continuing to monitor player experience and the stat servers in order to make the proper adjustments to maintain the system. Unfortunately any stats or awards not received before this update can not be replaced.

PunkBuster: Those players who have experienced issues with the punk buster auto update should visit the punk buster site and follow their directions for manual updates. We are currently working with punk buster to resolve player issues and allow for a smoother experience and to eliminate the server kick issues that are still affecting some players.

EA Master Server Disconnects: We have added additional enhancements to our server infrastructure to eliminate the majority of the disconnection problems. We will be putting forth every effort through the weekend to completely eliminate this issue for all our players.

We will continue to update everyone on our status until these issues are resolved and no longer standing in the way of your enjoyment of Battlefield 2142. Have a great weekend and we will see you on the Battlefield.

Your Dice Live Team
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